The inaugural meeting of the CRN in Ethnography, Law & Society (CRN 3) took place at 2014 annual meeting of the Law and Society Association (LSA) meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chaired by Robin Conley and Justin Richland, its aim was to bring together anthropologists and sociologists, as well as other interdisciplinary scholars interested in ethnography, law and society. A key focus of the meeting was to brainstorm ways to harness the renewed interest in revisiting the character and shape of ethnographic methods in sociolegal scholarship and to generate dialogue around ethnography in law and society more generally.

Other issues addressed in the first meeting, which have become core aspects of the CRN’s activities:

  • Publication: There was a significant focus on the existing venues for publishing ethnographic work (e.g., PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review) and a discussion of increasing the ethnographic research featured in other law and society journals.  There was also discussion about developing ways to mentor junior scholars and graduate students in publishing.
  • Disciplinary Representation: There was a strong interest in ensuring a mix of disciplinary backgrounds in the CRN membership and in its leadership positions.
  • Panels and workshops at LSA: Attendees agreed to developing workshops, panels, and activities akin to the LSA methods cafes. There was clear consensus that offerings include a combination of formal and informal events.
  • Electronic List and Website: The development of a CRN electronic list and website would ensure communication among members and other interested parties around research, teaching, publications, professional development, and conference activities.

Future meetings of CRN 3:

The list of our sponsored sessions and events for 2019 is available to view. Activities for 2020 are under development. If you plan to attend the 2019 LSA meeting in Washington, DC, the full program is available online.

For more information about specific activities, please contact our officers.